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JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Laboratory Assistant Training Program Graduates Ready for Hire August 16, 2010

The JFK Laboratory Assistant Training Program is an intense 15 week program covering both academic and hands-on training in the use of frequently used laboratory instrumentation.  Students learn how to use the pH meter, scale, microscope, autoclave, manual pipettes, glassware, and centrifuge.  The course also covers how to calculate and make solutions (percent, molarity, and molality) using volumetric glassware.

Students learn the fundamentals of laboratory technology i.e. the importance of data integrity, calibration, specification/tolerances, controls, data analysis etc.  Topics covered during the 15 weeks include safety, metric system, chemistry, glassware and clinical laboratories.

Guest speakers are invited to present to the students any topics related to the laboratory profession. Speakers are invited to present in person or by video conference.  Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the–art video conferencing equipment.  Please contact Charles Pollack, Instructor, JFK Laboratory Assistant Training Program at 732-248-1556.

The present class graduates from the program on August 16, 2010.  Please contact us if you have job opportunities or would be interested hosting students for an internship or class tour.

For information on the JFK Laboratory Assistant Training Program, please contact: Bert Kormann, Supervisor, Lab Assistant Training Program Phone: 732-836-1027   Fax: 732-836-0942 or Placement Counselor Tara Moses 732-321-7000 ext. 84895 or can provide resumes, and direct our graduates to you for consideration for job opportunities.

The JFK Lab Assistant Training Program

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