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Raritan Valley Community College’s BioManufacturing Certificate Program Completers are Ready for Hire

After 24 weeks of training and anticipation, the first sixteen students to complete the BioManufacturing Certificate Program at Raritan Valley Community College are ready for employment.  These are not your typical students.  Job loss and a keen interest in scientific learning led them to apply for entry into the BioManufacturing Program.  Competition was stiff for the sixteen open positions.  Although having a background in science was not required, these adult students had to demonstrate through testing and personal interviews, they had the aptitude to meet the rigors of the 12-week academic training. Regulatory issues, elemental symbols, molarity, dilutions, pipettes, and cell biology became part of their nomenclature.

Having successfully completed their academic studies, the sixteen original students moved swiftly into on-the-job training with a large pharmaceutical manufacturer in Somerset County. By all accounts, the sixteen have acquitted themselves very well.  They are now ready to move into the job market.  If you are a business seeking an employee in biotherapeutics or pharmaceuticals labs or manufacturing, these students might fit the bill.

An additional sixteen new students are now half-way through the academic portion of their training.  Quite soon, they will be seeking 12-week on the job internships.  If you are interested in more information how to hire one of these students or would like to have a student serve their 12-week internship in your business, give Deborah Katz, the BioManufacturing Certificate Program Coordinator, a call at 908-525-1200, Ext. 8586 or e-mail her at

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