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SHIFT SBIR Grant from NIH Pushes Bio-1 to Action

The National Institute of Health has created a great opportunity for researchers and companies throughout the U.S. With the formation of the SHIFT SBIR Grant both academics and companies obtain the necessary capital to collaborate and move forward in product development. The grant focuses on pushing forward more research opportunities by giving companies more of an incentive to hire researchers with project proposals in areas where the company has interest. The company has the responsibility to apply for the grant while choosing the academic investigator who will act as the Principal Investigator (PI).

This grant is very beneficial to both researchers and companies. In addition to being able to begin work on their respective project, researchers also benefit from a sustained period of support in a new environment and the opportunity to be a PI on an SBIR grant. Companies benefit from the grant with the acquisition of research dollars, expertise, and potentially, collaborators and resources. Furthermore, researchers can begin their own individual companies and utilize the grant as well. The SHIFT SBIR Grant works to move forward industry plans while also granting researchers the opportunity to obtain funding and career placement. There is also the chance that hired PIs may retain their position in the company as their projects produce results.

Although this grant is a great opportunity for the bioscience industry in New Jersey, interactions between companies and researchers within the state are not at an efficient level. In order to resolve this networking problem Bio-1 is developing a searchable database of assets at the disposal of Academics and Biopharma proposed to serve as the core for a networking platform. The initiative is to build a networking platform and facilitate active participation of all stakeholders so that SHIFT grant opportunities and others alike could be best availed and further foster the growth of Biopharma industries within the state.

It is well known that New Jersey is a hot-spot for emerging technology and research in the Bio-science fields. Bio-1 is working to ensure that the state’s life sciences industry advances even further. This Research Assets Database sets out to highlight the research projects underway in New Jersey to solidify it as a leader in the bioscience industry sector. Bio-1 trusts that this database will set the foundation to create a network to encourage collaboration within our workforce cluster.

The creation of a database of a life science research assets database will benefit the New Jersey life science community as well as the state’s efforts to attract new businesses and jobs. For example, a company or university with a highly-specialized and expensive piece of scientific equipment can have their information posted in the database, so smaller start-ups can contact them and potentially work out sharing/leasing agreements. Facilitating this sort of information flow can make whole new companies viable or, at the least, would allow some researchers to conduct research that they otherwise would not have been able to. The same concept applies to research itself, lab space, other physical facilities, grants, positions, licensing opportunities, equipment, etc. This is how the SHIFT SBIR Grant becomes most readily attainable to researchers and companies willing to work pursue a similar goal.

Many biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies, higher education institutions, state, county and local government workforce development offices, federal grant agencies and venture capitalists currently have assets that they wish to commercialize. These assets will cement the collaborative and commercial nature of the database and create a lively life-science network in New Jersey. Once constructed, this database would provide centralized, easy and free access to these listings, allowing for one-stop shop opportunities that would be of mutual benefit to many interested parties.

For more information on the SHIFT SBIR Grant, visit these NIH and component organization web pages:

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