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Organization Asset(s) City
Rutgers University DNA replication, Lab space Piscataway
Rutgers University Microscopy, Protein purification, Functional protein analysis Piscataway
Rutgers University Standard molecular biology lab, tissue culture, incubators, biohood, bio safety cabinets, bacterial shakers, PCR machines, electrophoresis, chromotography capacity, AKTA system, computational, Linux node clusters Piscataway
Rutgers University Visible, UV light, Steady state, and kinetic spectroscopy, proteomic and imaging approaches, Electrochemistry Piscataway
Rutgers University Wet lab, microscopy, centrifuges, biology labs Piscataway
Rutgers University Wet labs, clean rooms, molecular biology labs, biochemistry labs New Brunswick
Rutgers University Wet labs, microscopy, flow cytrometry, cultures, culture counters, molecular biology, biochemistry New Brunswick
Rutgers University Animal labs, rat labs, in vitro cell culture New Brunswick
Rutgers University PCR, Cell culture, shared labs, electrophuresis, chemistry, invitro transplant filtration assays Piscataway
Rutgers University Biochemistry Lab, Microscope, Piscataway