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Mini-MBA (TM): Strategic Healthcare Management

Education Information
Description:    The Rutgers Mini-MBA: Strategic Healthcare Management certificate program provides new business skills and enhanced decision-making abilities to health care professionals. The 13-week program will provide a comprehensive understanding of the economic, financial, and competitive aspects of the health care industry, including the management of health care facilities, insurance and reimbursement practices, market dynamics, and global trends in healthcare. The program has been approved for 39 continuing medical education credits (CME's.)
Time Length:    Thirteen 3-hour sessions. Must attend a minimum of 10 sessions to earn a certificate.
Additional Information:    Cost: $4,995 includes all instructional materials and fees. Credit Available:39 CMEs, 3.9 CEUs, 39 CPEs
Contact Information
School:    Rutgers Center for Management Development
Phone:    732-640-2301
Website:    Program Information
Address:    317 George Street, Suite 440, New Brunswick, NJ 08901