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Mid-Management Development

Education Information
Description:    The Rutgers Mid-Management Development program is a high-level, results-centered program for managers with 3-5 years of experience to enhance their strengths and increase performance. The first track focuses on building personal leadership capabilities, while the second track hones in on leading for organizational success. A unique component is the program's individualized focus; each participant receives personal assessments; feedback from supervisors, peers, and subordinates; career advice; and a personal development plan.
Time Length:    Certificate option:Two four-day sessions (8 days) to be taken within a two-year period.Required to attend all 8 days to earn a certificate. Each program is offered twice a year. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.Non-Certificate option:Participants may register for one or both tracks and/or individual programs.
Additional Information:    Cost: $6,360Credit Available:4.8 CEUs / 48 CPEs
Contact Information
School:    Rutgers Center for Management Development
Phone:    732-640-2301
Website:    Program Information
Email:    leadership@cmd.rutgers.edu
Address:    317 George Street, Suite 440, New Brunswick, NJ 08901