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Mini-MBA (TM): Online Convert Customers Online

Education Information
Description:    It isn't enough that viewers click on your site. Your goal is to have clients purchase items, register their information, fill out forms and actively engage in your site. Your audience needs to do more than just take in information.This course provides the information you need to employ key tools in landing page optimization. Participants will encounter real-world examples through video training modules and industry-focused literature written by leading professionals.
Time Length:    This is a self-paced course; 10 week program.Final exam and final project are graded.The class is a pass/fail grade.80% or above on final exam and a passing grade on the final project to receive a certificate.
Additional Information:    Cost: $3,500
Contact Information
School:    Rutgers Center for Management Development
Phone:    732-640-2301
Website:    Program Information
Address:    317 George Street, Suite 440, New Brunswick, NJ 08901