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Research Category Research Topic Organization Contact
Genetics Ruminant nutritional biochemistry and molecular biology Rutgers University Barry Jesse
Genetics Applied microeconomics, food safety, biosecurity, marketing Rutgers University Yanhong Jin
Genetics Protein folding, subunit assembly, ligand interactions,... Rutgers University Peter Kahn
Genetics Microbial population dynamics, marine microbiology-... Rutgers University Lee Kerkhof
Genetics Molecular genetics of leaf development and morphogenesis in... Rutgers University Randal Kerstetter
Genetics Molecular phylogenetics, aquatic insects Rutgers University Karl Kjer
Genetics Development of bacterial strains for biocontrol of plant... Rutgers University Donald Kobayashi
Genetics Biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds by microorganisms Rutgers University Jerry Kukor
Genetics Chromatin organization and dynamics, gene targeting in... Rutgers University Eric Lam
Genetics Plant pathogen interactions, inter and intracellular... Rutgers University Michael Lawton