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Research Category Research Topic Organization Contact
Genetics Biotechnological application in food technology Rutgers University Tung-Ching Lee
Genetics Metabolic engineering of plants Rutgers University Thomas Leustek
Genetics Protein chemistry and the physical chemistry of foods, with... Rutgers University Richard Ludescher
Genetics Virulence and survival mechanisms of foodborne pathogens Rutgers University Karl Matthews
Genetics Cranberry fungal genetics and taxonomy Rutgers University Peter Oudemans
Genetics Phytopharmaceuticals, molecular biochemistry, recombinant... Rutgers University Illya Raskin
Genetics Trace element bioavailability and transfer in aquatic... Rutgers University John Reinfelder
Genetics International public health, pesticide use, policy and... Rutgers University Mark Robson
Genetics Cellular and molecular neuroendocrinology Rutgers University Dipak Sarkar
Genetics Microbial risk assessment and predictive food microbiology Rutgers University Donald Schaffner